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How much time do you and your team spend on the administrative details of running your staffing business? 10 hours a week? 25? More? Every hour spent on these activities is time you could spend growing your business and generating revenue.  

That’s not to say that processes like payroll, accounting, billing, and financial reporting aren’t important – they are. But what if you could offload that burden and have your core team focus exclusively on the objectives that make your staffing firm successful? That’s where RLP, CPA comes in. We work closely with staffing companies to provide outstanding accounting, back-office support, controllership services, and more. Our team has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the staffing industry, giving us unique insight into your company’s unique support needs. 

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We provide accounting services, financial consulting, back-office support,  and more for staffing firms of every shape and size.  

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Reviews From Happy Customers

 David B. du Pont  President and CEO, HEPCO, Inc.  
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 “Hiring RLP is one of the best financial decisions I have made in my 27 years of owning HEPCO, Inc. In the space of three months, RLP brought a level of financial detail and clarity to our income statement and balance sheet that I had never seen before."
Gary Johnson  Owner at Bear Staffing
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“It took me over 13 years to find someone like RLP, someone who can produce financial data that made sense.”  
Jamie Schwartz  Chief Executive Officer at Haley Stuart Group  
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 “I would highly recommend RLP’s services to anyone looking to improve the performance of their accounting and finance department while avoiding the additional cost of a full-time experienced professional!” 
Liz Strocchia Office Manager at The Goodkind Group, LLC
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"Rosa Padilla has been our controller for the past two years and is a pleasure to work with. She is very dedicated, patient and a perfectionist when it comes to accounting. She is very knowledgeable within the temp industry as well as other areas of the business. I highly recommend Rosa as controller, mentor, leader."

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